002 - How To Know If Your Marriage Will Fail, With Amy Waterman.

You made it to episode two!  I'm so happy to bring you my first guest, Amy Waterman, a relationship expert!

You see, this podcast may be about all things divorce, but what if divorce didn't have to be the result of your marriage? For most, it's not a first option, right?  So, I think it's important to focus on the marriage and relationships before it gets to the stage where you want a divorce. Even if your marriage can't be saved (and that's ok), this episode will give you great information for your next relationship. Remember, there is an unwritten future waiting for you!

Amy and I had a great discussion where we discussed A LOT of things, but we focused on they dynamics of relationships and marriage and what the red flags are to signal that something is wrong, or that the marriage is failing.

If you don't know Amy, she is the host of YourBrilliance.com. Her dating and relationship advice has been featured in over a dozen books and online courses, including the marriage-saving manual, "Save My Marriage Today."  She's been writing for women since 2005, focusing on the way in which the latest scientific research has transformed our understanding of love and relationships.

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See you soon!