022 - Can You Heal From Divorce?

Renee Smith Ettline, M.Ed., knows firsthand the pain of divorce and the challenges that come when a marriage ends. Through a journey of growth, and healing she has also learned that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. Divorce may or may not have been your choice, but you do not have to remain an emotional victim. What’s more, there are strategies you can learn to help you better cope, heal, and move your life forward.

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Having seen good people carry the wounds of divorce for far too long, Renee felt a call on her heart to step up and help others learn to cope and heal. Her goal is to let divorced and divorcing people know they are valued by God, and that they can become intentional about healing from divorce.

Renee is founder of After Divorce Ministries and author of the award-winning book, Peace after Divorce, as well as the curriculum for the Peace after Divorce Workshop. Renee has led church- based divorce recovery workshops and divorce support groups for many years. She draws on her professional background, own divorce experience, and her Christian faith in her ministry. She holds a M.Ed. in Student Personnel Services with a focus in Counseling.

Renee’s book Peace after Divorce has been recognized as an exemplary Christian self-help book by the Illumination Book Awards. Her blog has also been named to a list of Top Ten Christian Divorce Blogs.

Here are the resources mentioned in this episode:

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Peace After Divorce Workshop  Save 25% off of the workshop with code SAVE25 entered at checkout. 

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I hope you enjoyed the episode.