023 - Men, Women, Relationships & Conflict.

In this episode, I talk with Quentin Hafner about marriage, men, women and relationships.  Quentin's story began with his own personal development journey, so he knows how special this relationship can be. Prior to working as a therapist, he spent many years in the corporate world before he realized how much he enjoyed helping people – and made the decision to pursue being a therapist and coach full time. It was the best decision he ever made. Quentin is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Newport Beach, CA where he specializes in working with couples on the brink of divorce,  and working with men in mid-life transitions. Quentin is the author of the Amazon.com best selling book, Black Belt Husband; A marriage book for men. Quentin lives in Orange County with his wife Hillery, and their two sons, Levi & Samuel. 

You ever hear of the book, Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars?  Do you think it rings true?  I say yes and no.  Quentin and talk about the most common gender tendencies when it comes to dealing with conflict in marriage and relationships.  I find it very interesting. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and our discussion.