024 - How To Choose The Right Attorney For Your Divorce.

I can't tell you how often I get people who ask me, "do I need an attorney for my divorce?"  And, my answer is always the same.  "It depends."  See, it's never black and white. Everybody's situation is different, but to answer that question requires the same analysis.  This is what I talk about in this episode of the podcast.

Once you have answered the question about whether you need an attorney for your divorce, assuming the answer is yes, you have to figure out what kind of attorney you need and how to find one so you don't make a mistake.  See, picking the wrong attorney can cost you thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands.  Choosing the wrong attorney for your case is an expensive mistake that nobody wants to make.  I talk about why and how to avoid this mistake in this episode.

Join me in this discussion.  No guest this time. Just The Divorce Resource Guy and you talking divorce.  Let's do it!

Here are the resources I discussed in the show: