027 - The Different Shades Of Divorce.

Today, it's just me and you talking about the different phases of the divorce process.  See, there is more than one way to get divorced.  Here are the most common methods you can use, assuming they are available where you live:

  1. Litigation.  This is the most common. Basically, litigation means you are going through the courts to handle your case.  You file motions and the divorce judge resolves your disputes.  You may even go to a trial where the judge will decide all outstanding issues in your divorce.  This process takes the longest and is the most expensive if you have an attorney.
  2. Mediation.  This is probably the most popular and effective way to get divorced. Both sides typically choose a mediator (a third party neutral) to help them resolve and agree on any contested issues in the divorce. When it works, it's faster and cheaper than litigation. Mediation is non-binding, meaning that you don't have to agree to anything if you don't want to.
  3. Collaborative Divorce. This is a newer method where both parties sign an agreement that they will NOT go to court to resolve their disputes, but rather will work with their attorneys and other experts to settle the divorce.  This is generally quicker and still cheaper than litigating.  Also, it has severe consequences for both sides if the process doesn't work.  Listen to the episode to here what they are!
  4. Arbitration. This works like mediation, except the arbitrator is more like a judge in that he/she decides the issues and that decision is binding on the parties.

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