029 - Why Hugging Someone Should Be Your Top Priority.

Dr. Stone is a psychologist and therapeutic coach completely taken by the power of hugs and the difference they can make for each of us individually and in the world.  AKA The Hug Doctor he passionately professes there really are no strangers - we all share a profound connection.

The Hug Doctor wants nothing more than for each of us to live a life full of joyful hugging that includes hugging ourselves, hugging our families, hugging our friends and hugging the world.  He is a staunch advocate for longer hugs and more meaningful and inspirational hugs.  Some hugs are literal while others are metaphorical.  He defines a hug as any positive, healthy, and connective energy that brings healing, acceptance and peace. It’s his joy to explore this in his new book Hug Therapy.

The hug is a brilliant tool for knocking down walls within ourselves as well as those that divide us from each other.  As you read these very words he is sending you a HUGe heartfelt virtual hug with lightness and joy.  You will catch him on 21-day hugging journeys and inspiring others about what we can create together in the ‘space of a hug.’

Dr. Stone graduated summa cum laude from the University of Denver with his BS degree and earned his master’s degree and doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Denver. His dissertation explored how effectively a heterosexual therapist can provide therapy for male couples. His APA-approved psychology internship was at the Student Health Services at the University of California–Santa Barbara. He completed his postdoctoral work at Yale Student Health Services.

As a believer that all people share a profound human connection and there really are no strangers, Stone intends not only to transform the lives of individuals, but also the world.

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