035 - Why You Should Use A Financial Professional During Your Divorce.

Brittany is professionally known for her tenacity, dedication, and ability to solve the problems that inherently come with the business. Her passion for people shines through her work, as she provides unparalleled hands-on client service, going beyond the transaction, and cultivating profound relationships with everyone she works with. She is recognized as a creative mind never short on abstract ideas and says that helping people get to the next chapter in their lives financially is a practice that “feeds” her need to cater to people and meet their financial goals.

This episode gives you some insight into why adding a finance professional to your divorce team is important.  Especially if you have a lot of accounts and financial assets that need to be distributed as part of the divorce. Even whent he divorce is over, have the right financial guru to guide you toward retirement and savings can pay dividends.  

I hope you enjoy the episode.