049 - How Divorce Coaching Can Help You.

I've talked a lot in the past and on this podcast about the benefits of having a divorce coach on your team as you go through the process.  Here is another example.  I speak with coach, Karen Bigman, from New York, about how she helped people getting divorce navigate the ups and downs and all the issues that come with going through such a traumatic event.  She currently has stopped taking coaching clients, but her insight is still valuable, which is why I published this episode.

Karen rebuilt her family and her life. She's a CDC® – Certified Divorce Coach, in addition to being a Life Coach. She knows what you need to navigate your way to a successful divorce.

With an MBA from Columbia Business School and years of experience in the business world, she understands divorce is also a business transaction.

Her coaching will help you decipher the legal jargon, understand your finances, and help you become a strong advocate for yourself. She also can refer you to vetted professionals who can support you and your children.

I hope you enjoy the episode.