051 - Conscious Uncoupling and Moving On.

Jennifer Butler, MSW is a powerfully intuitive coach who is certified in the Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” coaching methods, is a certified health coach, writer, and podcast host dedicated to helping women fall fiercely in love with themselves so they can embrace their freedom to create the love and life they truly want and deserve to have.

Beyond an extensive education, Jennifer has navigated through her own intense life challenges, including an extremely high conflict divorce, all of which greatly informs her work. Her mission is to empower women to face all challenges with love by taking radical responsibility in their lives. Not only does Jennifer teach this, she lives it, and therefore knows what’s possible and believes in her clients every step of the way!

Jennifer’s work can be found on JennJoyCoachingWorthyESMEDivorceForce, and Instagram.

She can also be found hosting Deep Chats Podcast with her co-host Leah Morris and Season 2 of the Worthy Podcast, “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle.”

 Membership site link: https://www.jennjoycoaching.com/thrive

I hope you enjoyed the episode!