057 - Love, Divorce, Forgiveness & Why It Matters.

Dr. Duana Welch (pronounced DWAY-nah) is the original Love Factually author and coach known for using social science to solve real-life relationship issues. She was a professor at universities in Florida, California, and Texas across 20 years, and has contributed to NPR, PBS, Psychology Today, and numerous other outlets, podcasts and videos. Her first book, Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do (2015), is now out globally in five languages. 

Love Factually for Single Parents [& Those Dating Them] (2019) is the second book in the series, specifically geared for finding the right partner not only for readers, but their families. And new book series Love Factually Singles (2019-ongoing) provides science-based dating advice in short, single-topic titles to save readers’ time and money while delivering content specific to their needs.

All of Duana’s books rely on science rather than opinion to help men and women find and keep the right partner; and they all have a blue cover, for easy identification. She is an expert for relationship app Paired, where her course Dating Mindsets is featured. Her Love Factually client practice is global, via Zoom and other technologies.

For more information and free content, see LoveFactually.co.