060 - Why Mindset Matters In Divorce.

Jodeen Bergstrom lives 82 miles from the closest Starbucks in ND! 

Jodeen would like to tell you, "In my 33 years of Entrepreneurship I have built businesses to the two comma status.  I have from  Eleven years ago when I returned to my home state to help my parents transition into elder age.

I opened a restaurant to fill the need of the growing oil boom!  - life was great - This is where the story takes a turn to a deep valley - I lost my greatest mentor and dearest friend in life My Mom.  Three months later I lost my Dad.

They had been married 68 years and dad stopped eating the day mom died they were truly each other lifeline - and mine as well.  Six months later we closed our restaurant and 8 months later my husband of 33 years walked out.

I was left with our youngest daughter to provide for with no financial help from him - Adding in the legal battles from my siblings over the last ten years I was not in a healthy place!  After selling most of my possessions and contemplating death - I heard my mothers parting words to me “Go out and be so successful you piss them off even more!”  I self medicated myself with self development - As I pulled myself out of the black hole I began to Masterminds through Think & Grow Rich.  As Clubhouse opened I went in with the thought this is my platform.  I studied, I learned and I took action.  With That …. My Name is Jodeen and I am addicted to clubhouse!!"

In this episode, Jodeen and I talk about divorce and how having the right mindset is EVERYTHING! Check it out.