061 - Dealing With Betrayal In Divorce.

As a coach and counselor for over 23 years, trained in many modalities, Ali bring many tools and skills to the coaching session that help people find personal fulfillment, build professional success and create loving relationships. But today, after experiencing and healing from loss and betrayal herself, what appeared as complete disasters, were the seeds of what was to become her life's work. Ali knew that Spirit lead her through these challenges in order that she might help others to do the same. Believing that reality is only a perception of our human limited thinking, Ali understands what it takes to trust in the unknown and reach for the best in yourself.

Her mission is to help women heal from loss, betrayal, and various forms of devastation to reinvent themselves after great transitions and live full, vibrant, and productive lives. As a highly sensitive person and intuitive, she is able to see the greatness and potential in others and reminding them of who they really are is how she best serves them. Ali  is so honored to be a part of the journey of those ready to recover and rebuild a life beyond their wildest imagination filled with worthiness, purpose, passion and vibrancy.

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