069 - Finding The Best Way To Fight Parental Alienation

Joseph Goldberg is a recognized expert in parental alienation, He is the first to pioneer educational conferences on the topic of parental alienation. He has organized and hosted events at The Metro Toronto Convention Center in 2009, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NY in 2010, and at Dawson College in Montreal during 2011. As an education consultant he is the co-author of several State Mandated Divorce Education courses, that include curricular content on the subject of parent-child relationship problems. His classes are still available at OnlineParentingPrograms.com

Mr. Goldberg is also a member of the prestigious Parental Alienation Study Group. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a highl;y regarded consulting practice called Goldberg & Associates. His firm serves to help clients and lawyers involved in high conflict custody disputes, concomitantly with parent child relationship problems. His areas of expertise include " Psycho-Legal Education & Litigation Support Services "

For more details about Joseph Goldberg and his firm go to his website at www.Parentalalienation.ca