076 - Learn How TAPPING Can Relieve Your Stress.


Dr. Katie Knall, P.h.D. has multiple degrees in Math, Education and Statistics.  She's a smart cookie!  And, she knows a great technique to help you relieve stress.  It's called TAPPING.  I would tell you all about here, but you should just listen to the episode and hear it for yourself!   

Don't forget to check out her TEDx talk about fear.  Link is below. 

Let me know if you try TAPPING yourself and if it worked for you.

Here is all the contact info. you need to get in touch with Dr. Knall yourself. 

Florida Mathematician Helping Others Dissolve their WAFFLES: worries, anxiety, fear, frustration, lethargy, exhaustion, and stress. 
Founder & Facilitator 40 Day Growth & Prosperity Mastermind
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Professional Member, National Speakers Association
Advanced Certified Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique
Certified DISC Instructor
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