086 - How To Manage Healthy Relationships.

Stephanie has over 10 years of experience in the Mental Health Field working with individuals ranging from 6 years to 50 years old. Attending school for Criminal Justice, Human Services and Psychology, Stephanie has learned the essential skills to relationship building. 

Becoming a mom of three beautiful children and being diagnosed with PTSD, the struggle of working through these life changes has propelled her ability to support people. Receiving the diagnosis and going through labor was the easy part. Finding the inspiration and belief in herself was the real challenge. 

This is why men and women alike, turn to Stephanie when they want to find safety in freedom through embracing themselves, owning their power and breaking free of toxic patterns.

Stephanie has beaten all statistical odds. Her life journey has fueled her fire to help people take action and fight through the resistance. Relationships are all about compromise and collaboration. Giving and receiving energy. If you are ready to take action and build a healthy relationship both with yourself and the individuals in your life, Stephanie is the one for you.

P.S. Thank you for being you! Get access to Stephanie's free Assertive Communication Checklist here!