098 - What Makes This Divorce Attorney Different Than Most. 


A.J. Grossman graduated from San  Jose State University with a degree  in business administration and at the  top of his Florida law school class.  He immediately went on to achieve  his Master of Laws degree in Dispute  Resolution from The Straus Institute  at Pepperdine University Law School  in California, which is the #1 ranked  Dispute Resolution program in the  country.  

As the son of a Navy Officer and the  founder of several businesses, he  learned quickly about service to others.  A.J.’s goal is to help people solve  problems, plain and simple. Being in  the right place, doing the right thing, at  the right time, for a person (or couple of  people) in need, drives A.J. to continue  growing his legal practice. He focuses  his efforts on providing solutions that  protect the interests of those who seek  amicable resolutions in their lives.

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