097 - Why Your Boss Should Know About Your Divorce. 

Vicky Townsend is the founder and President of Divorce Right, Inc. an Employee Assistance Program company serving companies and
government agencies in the US and abroad. She is also the co-founder and former CEO of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, a
professional association consisting of the licensed and certified professionals that serve families going through a divorce.

After a painful divorce, filled with errors, and a labyrinthine system that no one in the “real world” could negotiate, Vicky decided to radically
improve a broken family law system. After a decade in the divorce industry, she saw the problems facing not only the employees but
facing a company’s culture and bottom line as well. Divorce costs companies and government agencies over 300 BILLION dollars a year in
lost productivity, errors, absences, and presenteeism.

Vicky is revolutionizing the divorce process by training HR professionals and company supervisors about the issues facing their divorcing employees, signs an employee may be experiencing or even contemplating a divorce, and the issues that they may be facing by way of international culture issues, religious matters, and more. Divorce Right brings highly experienced divorce coaches and case managers in to support their employees for days, weeks months or even years, so they can have their best outcome. 

Vicky is a proud FSU alum, and looks forward to the day that the divorce process doesn’t destroy families financially or emotionally.