102 - How To Handle Emotions In Divorce. 

Leanne Kanzler is a psychologist and coach, author and speaker. She is a business owner, second time wife, and mother.
Leanne believes that we find our true self through our deepest wounds. Her sense of being disconnected from herself and the world around her drove her to continually self-reflect and grow.

After being in a controlled marriage for twenty years, she took a leap of faith and started to do things for herself, finding herself along the way. This journey led to many realizations, including a beautiful second marriage.

Now, she is passionate about helping others go from Breakup to Breakthrough. This means discovering your sense of self and what you want for YOU. Self-empowerment is the key to happy relationships and great boundaries. Leanne knows that by helping both men and women, there is a flow-on effect, where the children and extended family also benefit.

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