113 - The Benefits Of Choosing A Collaborative Divorce. 

Charmaine Panko, K.C., is a family lawyer with Panko Collaborative Law and Mediation, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. With a passion for assisting families in reaching agreements outside of the adversarial court process, Charmaine is committed to providing alternative dispute resolution services that prioritize collaboration, mutual respect, and long-term solutions. 

Charmaine's dedication to helping individuals and families navigate legal challenges in a cooperative and amicable manner empowers her clients to find sustainable resolutions that protect their interests while preserving relationships. Emphasizing open communication, active listening, and creative problem-solving, Charmaine believes that parties can reach agreements that better reflect their individual needs and goals while minimizing the emotional and financial toll associated with adversarial litigation, ultimately laying the foundation for a successful separation and ongoing co-parenting relationship.

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