120 - A Heroic Woman's Path To Escape Abuse . 

Kanchan Bhaskar (Kan-chan Bhas-car), an Indian-American, is a first-time author. She holds a Master's Degree in social work and a certificate in life coaching. She is also a certified Business Coach. Being a successful Human Resource professional, her expertise
is in training and mentoring. She is a certified advocate, speaker, and coach for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Kanchan lives in Chicago. 

Raised in New Delhi, Kanchan enters an arranged marriage expecting a happy and fulfilling partnership. However, she soon discovers that her husband is a narcissistic, abusive man, and she is trapped in a nightmare. Despite her challenges, Kanchan is determined to protect her children and herself. She turns to her beliefs and inner strength to guide her as she fights for freedom.

website: kanchanbhaskar.com