Can the Best Dating Websites and Apps Help You Find a Soldier of Your Heart?

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Professional soldiers have always been the subject of the desire for the fair sex. The ladies were so obsessed with uniformed boys that they were ready to wait for them for years until they returned from the mission or until they retired from the military service.

This love for uniforms lasts even today. Only the circumstances have changed a bit. You will no longer be able to meet soldiers in the pubs and cafes. Nowadays, we have modern technology and military dating sites 2020 in just a few clicks; maybe the love of your life is waiting for you on that fancy app. But is everything ideal in finding a 'soldier of love' over the Internet?

Dating a Soldier

Let’s consider nice things first. Because of the military way of life, a boot camp and regular training, soldiers are very handsome guys. Because of their profession, they are always shaved and polished, and everything on them is tight and almost perfect. At first glance, you have a dream boy by your side to ‘serve and protect.’

There’s something about the women and the uniforms. This kind of passion is still unexplained, but most ladies go crazy over good looking men in uniform. Keep that in mind when taking pictures with your boyfriend wearing a military outfit; photos will look amazing, almost like a scene from a romantic movie.

Numerous studies have shown that these relationships are sometimes better than 'normal.' Due to the distance and inability to be in everyday contact, these couples tend to bring some 'grown-up' decisions, such as starting a mutual life, getting married, and expanding the family, faster than ‘civilian’ couples.

You’ll Be Lonely Sometimes

And now, the bad side. Whether you are dating a volunteer or a professional soldier, prepare for loneliness. As long as they are in service, the military men will neglect everything else (and not with their will). Depending on the length of the mission, sometimes these absences can last up to several months, even years.

Think about that; are you ready to wait for your man to get permission to see you (find out more about military leave on this page)? You'll probably spend most of your birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates without your loved one. In some units, even a cell phone is not allowed. And when you are not in contact with someone, even the strongest feelings begin to fade. Fortunately, these are rare situations.

If you are ready for these sacrifices, and to have a life that is not very common, then start looking for your loving soldier. Due to manners and ways of life they are used to (and many, many rules they must adhere to), military guys don't go out frequently (visiting night clubs, pubs, and bars).

Soldiers spend most of their spare time in nature, with family, but also on the Internet. And since you will certainly not seek the love of your life in the forests and mountains, rely on the help of modern technology.

Online Dating Advantages

Dating with the help of a matchmaker has always been popular, especially in people who are shy and introverts. Years ago, we relied on the help of friends or dating agencies; today, we have the Internet and numerous websites and applications for online dating.

This way of looking for a soul mate gives you access to a larger number of candidates. In this case, specialized dating websites are created for soldiers, veterans, and all those who have something to do with the army. Although they can access any other dating websites, these platforms are designed to unite people of the same interest. The chance to find a perfect match is much higher than in platforms using people of all ages, educations, professions, etc.

According to some unwritten rule, the soldiers are more offish to ladies than any other civilian guy. They are usually fine with the concept of online dating. There are many different ways to communicate with someone before getting to know in person.

Some people think that online dating is overrated. They usually point out some disadvantages, like those mentioned on the source below:

Military men are usually highly intelligent but also aware of the limitations they have for their profession. However, if they do not want to give up on love, dating websites are excellent places where to start a search from.


What Are The Limitations of Finding Soldier Lover?

When looking for a partner on dating apps and websites, most people first look at photos. Let's face it; no men in a military outfit can look bad. The next thing is the profile and what it says on it. A 30-year-old professional soldier who loves kittens and romantic comedies? Bring that on!

This can be the truth, but we want to point out the fact that people sometimes tend to lie or exaggerate on their profiles in order to show themselves in the best possible way. You may think that all soldiers are honorable since their vocation is reputable. But among them, there are also those who just want to play around and have some fun. Still, you’ll never know which one is a keeper until you meet in person.

Being involved with a soldier can be a real fairy tale if you find the right guy. But it can be a real 'nightmare' if you are not ready to accept his way of life. And it's full of challenges. Professional soldiers change their duty stations and place of residence frequently. Women who don't scare of changes will accept this. But life on the move may be a problem for ladies who have a permanent job or are, for any other reason, bound to one location.

Some rules that apply to soldiers refer to their emotional partners too. It starts from physical contact, which limits any kind of emotions in public, to chatting on social networks. Soldiers must always be reserved and, in the best way, represent their service. Even when it comes to their love relationship.

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