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Have you considered filing for a divorce? A large number of married couples decide to terminate their marriage due to becoming estranged over the years or coping with issues they cannot overcome.

Once spouses make such a life-changing decision, they have to lawyer up before the procedure commences. Divorce attorneys provide both legal and emotional support to spouses in the course of separation. The job of these lawyers is to ensure the clients receive their share of the assets and achieve their goals. When looking for a divorce attorney Sherman Oaks has listed, find one with a successful track record.

The helpful tips below will pave your way to hiring the best attorney in Sherman Oaks.

Consider your situation

Prior to looking for a divorce attorney, make sure you decide whether you genuinely need one. In cases when children aren’t involved in the situation, hiring legal assistance isn’t always necessary for the procedure to be completed.

Instead of a lawyer, many spouses deciding to put an end to their marriage use the services of a mediator. The role of these intermediaries is to assist spouses in dividing the assets while ensuring both parties receive their share. Once the asset division is completed, spouses are able to file for divorce by themselves.

Nevertheless, married couples with children deciding to get divorced usually require legal assistance in order for the procedure to end painlessly for both parties. Have in mind that cooperating with your spouse throughout the divorce process will facilitate the journey for everyone involved.

Look for lawyers

If you consider legal assistance indispensable in the process of getting divorced, make sure to compile a list of local attorneys. The list is supposed to include the names of the lawyers, their phone numbers, addresses, and websites.

Online research is believed to be the most productive method of finding candidates as long as you type in the right keywords. For instance, residents of Sherman Oaks are supposed to search for lawyers by typing in divorce attorneys in Sherman Oaks or family law lawyers in Los Angeles. Click here to learn more about the field of family law.

Another way of finding candidates is by paying a visit to the site of your state bar association. This official website is expected to list all the certified lawyers in family law within your state. You can even get in touch with the bar association over the phone or email in order to ask for a referral.

Once you compose a long list of candidates, it’s time to narrow it down by eliminating the unpromising attorneys from the list. There are multiple ways in which spouses can conduct the process of elimination, such as relying on personal recommendations and online reviews.

Bringing up the topic of divorce to relatives and friends who have recently been through a separation isn’t the easiest of tasks. Despite the awkwardness, first-hand testimonials are undeniably the most helpful in the search for the right divorce attorney in Sherman Oaks. If some of your close friends have hired such lawyers in the past, their experience can be invaluable in your search for a legal representative.

When introducing the topic, make sure the other person doesn’t feel uncomfortable discussing their experience with you. If he/she is willing to help, ask for the name of the attorney, the quality of his/her services, and whether or not your friend will recommend it.

If having no friends, coworkers, or relatives to turn to for referrals, online reviews are always helpful in the research. A multitude of review sites provides spouses with lawyer reviews free of charge in order for them to hire reliable professionals. Make sure to look for credible resources, as not all review sites publish objective testimonials.

Once again, the official site of the bar association in your state might be handy in the research phase, as it features all disciplinary actions ever taken against the divorce lawyers in your local area. Family law attorneys with numerous complaints and disciplinary actions in their records aren’t worth your attention. Visit this URL,, for a better understanding of the bar association.

Review the websites of candidates

When your list is narrowed down to the most prospective candidates, it’s time to have a detailed look at their sites. Each website is supposed to contain information related to family law and the process of divorce, as well as a blog where articles related to this topic are posted daily. Additionally, see whether the site has a FAQ (frequently asked question) section, providing responses to the most commonly asked questions by clients.

Law firms are expected to provide background information on all attorneys working for the company. The experience of the professionals in the field of family law is crucial in the decision, which is why you should look for attorneys with a minimum of three years of experience in working with divorces. It’s crucial for the legal representative to spend fifty or more percent of his/her time on divorce cases. To be on the safe side, make sure the one you hire specializes in the field of divorce law.

Make appointments

The following step involves making appointments with the candidates who managed to pass the stages of elimination. Schedule an appointment with each remaining prospect by getting in touch with their offices. Bear in mind that some legal representatives charge a consultation fee of approximately $50. If you wish to avoid paying for such fees, only make appointments with the lawyers charging no money for a consultation.

Another thing to take into account when scheduling consultations is the type of documentation necessary to take to the meeting. After introducing the attorney to your situation, he/she will require you to bring certain documents to the appointment. In order not to go to the meeting empty-handed, start collecting the paperwork days before the meeting.

Asking the right questions is significant in the course of the appointments so as to learn more about the candidates and their experience. In order not to waste time trying to think of relevant questions during the consultation, make sure you compile a list of questions beforehand. The inceptive questions should be related to the experience of the attorney, focused on his/her work history in family law, the number of divorce cases he/she handles on an annual basis, as well as his/her relations with the judges in your local area.

After receiving a response to the above-mentioned questions, shift the conversation to your situation. The candidates should be able to present you a strategy, which they would use in your case, as well as predict how long it will take them to complete the divorce procedure. Remember to make some inquiries regarding the availability of lawyers, such as how responsive they are to phone calls, texts, and emails. Naturally, the final questions should be related to the cost of their services.

Meet the candidates

Once you prepare yourself for the consultations, it’s high time to meet the attorney in person to discuss your case. Rely on your question list during the appointment and make notes of what these professionals provide as a response.

Divorce lawyers in Sherman Oaks might not answer every question right away, particularly if your case is quite complicated. Making wrong assumptions in such situations might discourage you from hiring a particular attorney despite his/her stellar record. Instead of being quick to judge, allow the professional to conduct research before providing you with an answer.

In the course of the conversation, you should be the one controlling the discussion, not allowing the lawyer to take full control. The duration of legal consultations is short, which means you should encourage the professional to respond to as many questions as possible.

In order to make a wise decision, compare the answers provided by all divorce attorneys to check which ones were the closest to the responses you’ve expected. The attitude of the lawyer is of the utmost importance, as you should feel comfortable in his/her company. Unless you consider the person trustworthy, there will be no way for you to discuss a subject of such a sensitive nature.

The bottom line

Having a reliable legal representative by your side is vital when going through a divorce.

The ultimate goal of these attorneys should be to make the process less stressful for clients!

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