How Can Single Catholics Find Love Using a Catholic Dating Site.

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The LORD God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him.” Really, God has done the hard part, but now it is up to you to find that perfect partner that you can not only spend the rest of your life with, but actually take home to meet your family.

That’s the thing with being Catholic, it’s not just about faith, but about family and culture – and trying to find someone who’s never been to midnight mass who can understand and fit into all the goes into the world you live in and love, well, it isn’t always easy. Yes, your family, and everyone your mother has ever met, has probably got an opinion on who you should be marrying, but first have a look at dating sites that are specifically aimed to match other Catholics like, because parce me domine, it shouldn’t take inserting hidden Latin just to work out who might understand.

There’s more to me than My Faith

It can actually be really annoying having people judge you because you’ve told them you’re Catholic, but it really just proves that they simply don’t get it. Being Catholic isn’t just about going to mass or believing in God, it’s a shared understanding of a culture that is hundreds of years in the making. It’s also shaking someone's hand, saying 'peace be with you', and then being mortified when you realize what you’ve just done.

Not all dating sites are aimed specifically at Catholics, but there are a surprising number that will allow you to sort by faith, and others that are designed just for Christians. Of course, even within Catholicism there are different degrees of faith, and different levels of following original church doctrine. However, if you are able to at least start with knowing that the person you are chatting to online will understand where you are coming from, you’re halfway there.

What Should I Be Looking For?

Because there are several options, and most have a free trial, you can have a look around and see what sort of people are on a site before you hand over your credit card details. Read through the company’s profile or FAQ to see what their policy is regarding privacy and harassment. What sort of methods do they allow for people to communicate with each other?

Some sites have an open forum for members to meet and chat, which creates a really nice online environment, and may give you the added advantage of being able to see how your prospective date interacts with others. Other options may include video chat, or instant messaging. One thing to be aware of, no matter what faith you are, women really do not want to see unsolicited pictures of your little member, no matter what size it really is.

I Don’t Know If I’m Ready For Marriage Vows

Although most people on any online dating site are looking for either a quick hook-up, or marriage, if you are looking for a serious relationship but are still unsure about your ability to commit forever, a dating site might really be able to help you work out what you want (see here). There is usually more to it than simply not feeling ready to get married, and a lot of the time it is more about the pressure that you are being put under from family than any actual reservation about matrimony itself. Sometimes just being able to chat to people you genuinely like without any pressure or looks from your family may help you. Sometimes the pressure can have you questioning your faith, and while you may not want to talk to your priest about it, or even have the words to express what it is you’re feeling, sometimes talking with someone online really can help you sort out your feelings.

I’m New To The Church

There are lots of reasons why people come to the Church, and if you have started attending but not yet confirmed, you may be feeling a little lost, particularly if you are trying to date at the same time – that’s a lot going on. Just be honest, being new to the faith isn’t a sin (possibly one of the few things that isn’t really), but there is a lot to take in, without even getting to the dry humor and level of guilt. You will, of course, meet a lot of people through mass, but it can be incredibly intimidating to be in a new situation and be thought of as being on the prowl at the same time.

Writing Up Your Profile

No matter which site you end up joining, writing your profile is going to be the most important, and the hardest thing you do. If you really don’t have a sense of humor, dry or otherwise, don’t try and fake it, although feel free to say you gave humor up for Lent and it never came back. If in doubt, memes work too

Being as genuine as you can will go a long way to helping you find the right person. Although you may not want to mention which parish you are a member of, just for safety and securities sake, at least not until you have made individual contact with someone.

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